Have you or your child been charged with a crime? Have your children been removed from your home by the State? Were you given an unfavorable ruling at the trial court level and want to know your appellate options?


You can feel alone, confused, bullied, afraid and any number of other emotions when you find yourself or a loved one part of the "legal system."

  • We start with you because becoming part of the legal system has long and far-reaching consequences.  
  • We start with you because becoming part of the legal system can result in a loss of liberties and privileges.  
  • We start with you because it is important for you to know and understand the process and options you have available.

I have seen the consequences of defendants and respondents coming into court with attorneys who do not regularly practice in the areas of criminal defense, child welfare and/or appellate law. The outcomes for the clients was often unsatisfactory due to  the limited knowledge of their retained attorney.

My extensive courtroom and trial experiences are assets very few other attorneys possess. I handled thousands of cases over my 18 years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.  I bring that experience to each case.

  Sisson Legal PLC can assist you in a broad variety of legal needs because of my years of experience. 

Sisson Legal PLC starts with you.




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